Signatures of AGN Feedback: The Post-SOFIA Era


The meeting will be held virtually, using Webex as a platform. Information on how to connect will be sent to registrants, shortly before the event.

Please keep your microphone muted during the meeting.

How to make live comments/questions during Q&A:

Raise your hand in WebEx. The host will call on you to unmute and proceed. To raise your hand in the WebEx application, hover over your name in the Participants window and raise your hand or click on the raise hand button in the bottom bar of the window. To raise your hand in the WebEx browser version, click on the Reaction icon in the bottom bar of the window and raise your hand. When you are finished, remember to lower your hand.

For any technical issues, please email [email protected]

Code of Conduct

This meeting is a safe, supportive environment. All people at the meeting should be treated with respect. At no time is abusive, demeaning, humiliating, or intimidating behavior acceptable; abuses of power are unacceptable. Meeting attendees should work to provide an environment that encourages the free expression and exchange of scientific ideas. They should promote equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all their colleagues, regardless of gender, race, ethnic and national origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, veteran status, etc. The SOC reserves the right to block access to any attendee. To report any undesirable behavior on the live Webex event, please contact [email protected].